Wine Headaches

Some people experience headaches while drinking wine. Many believe it may be caused by sulphites which are added to most wines (sulphites also occur naturally during the fermentation process and cannot be removed, therefore, there is no sulphite free wine).

Sulphite is not a protein, and cannot cause an allergic response. What is commonly described as a sulphite headache is a reaction to bio-amines. Bio-amines are compounds formed in wines for various reasons the commonest being malolactic fermentation. Since wine kits dont go through malolactic they have no bio-amines.

Generally, the cause of headaches during wine consumption are most likely caused by histamines. Histamines, found in the skins of grapes, can cause headaches. Red wine will affect a histamine sensitive wine drinker more than white wine because red wine has spent more time in contact with grape skins.



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