One Gallon Classic Juice Kits

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Wine juice kits by Winexpert, one of the world leading wine kit supplier, offers beginning winemakers an easy introduction to the experience of winemaking in a perfect starter size with minimal investment. Our kits are all-inclusive (ingredient-wise) and contain easy to follow instructions and all the additives you will need, pre-measured, to ensure a perfect batch of wine, every time.

All juices make 1 gallon (5 -.750ml bottles) and yield between 11-13% ABV.


  • Whites:
    • Chardonnay - dry, buttery and oaky
    • Moscato - sweet with floral notes
    • Pinot Grigio - off-dry, easy drinking
  • Reds:
    • Cabernet Sauvignon - dry, med-full body with berry notes and tannins
    • Merlot - dry, med body with slight spicey notes
    • Pinot Noir - light body dry red with complex flavors



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