Caramel (Crystal) 40L Specialty Grain

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Gives a sweet, mild caramel, toffe flavor and a golden color. Roasters, rather than kilns, make the fullest flavored and best performing Caramel Malts. Briess roasters are efficient drum roasters that have been custom designed and engineered to roast
malt and barley. These customized drum roasters allow for the application of significantly higher temperatures to
green malt. This is a must for the true crystallization of sugars and development of unique flavors, colors and physical properties only associated with the glassy, crystallized sugars of Caramel Malt.

A distinguishing characteristic of Caramel Malts is their ability to improve foam development and stability and
enhance viscosity due to non-fermentable structures they contribute to beer.

Typical Color: 40L Light
Flavor contributions: sweet, mild caramel, toffee flavor and a golden color
- 3-7% to balance in Pilsners
- 5-10% California Common Beer, Doppelbocks and Dark Lagers
- 5-15% Vienna, Marzen and Oktoberfest
- 10-15% Bitter Ales, Pale Ales, Mild Ales, Strong Ales and Belgian Ales
- 5-15% Certain styles of Brown Ales, Scotch Ales, Stouts and Porters

Please note: Caramel specialty grains are also called Crystal and can be used interchangeably. Typically if the grain is sourced from Europe they are called crystal and if sourced from U.S., they are named as caramel. Caramel/crystal grains usually range in color from 10L-120L. The lower the number, the lighter the color and sweeter the grain. For example, 10L can create a light golden color and imparts sweet caramel flavors. 120L will create rich reddish hues and flavors of raisins and burnt sugar.



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