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NEW & IMPROVED! NOW EASIER TO READ WITH COLOR CODED RANGES, BASE WEIGHT IS STEEL SHOT (NOT LEAD), SCALE NOW GIVES START & FINISH SG FOR BEER & WINE. Triple scale hydrometer used to measure specific gravity, brix (sugar) and potential alcohol.Why use a hydrometer? A hydrometer is a necessary tool in wine and beer making. It is simply a long glass cylinder with a weight at the bottom. It reads specific gravity of the liquid. Specific Gravity is based on the weight of liquid. If you float a hydrometer in water, it should read 1.000 on the Specific Gravity scale if the liquid is at 60 degrees. At the beginning of fermentation a typical reading for wine is 1.090. This means, for example, that the juice at that point weighs 9 percent more than water, or the juice is 9 percent thicker than water. When all the sugar is turned into alcohol, you will have a hydrometer reading on the Specific Gravity scale that is less than water - typically around .995. This means that the liquid weighs less than water, or it is thinner than water by a half of a percent. Hydrometers are very simple to use and will help determine the various stages of fermentation.How to use a hydrometer: a small amount of liquid will need to be put into a test jar or a wine thief. Then place the hydrometer into the test jar or wine thief. The correct measure is when the hydrometer comes to rest.

PRODUCT TIP: We strongly recommend using a hydrometer. If you have an issue in the wine making process it is easier to help you figure out the problem if we can get the readings you have taken along the way!



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